EASTER Video choir

FRC Easter Video Shoot

Guys Last night i was amazed! A group of volunteers committed to a late night video shoot that blew my mind. They were ready, excited and delivered. A video of this choir singing will sync with a live band at our campuses and it is going to be awesome. Thankyou team for making this happen, it was awesome!

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6 responses to “EASTER Video choir

  1. I was there to support and help and yes, it was spectacular how motion, fused with music and lighting can evoke such power that will be transmitted at all of our campuses. The volunteers were great. so was the video crew and your leadership man. Easter services will be powerful and just think what will heavens choir be like?

  2. thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something big. i can not wait to see what God has for us on Easter weekend. thank you again for letting me be part of it and do what i love doing most praising God through music :D.

  3. lilibeth

    Felt amazzzzzzzzzzzing to be a part of this!!!!!! HE LIVES!!!!!! -L

  4. debbymalivuk

    Awesome job Ricky and you always make it a FUN experience!

  5. Yoel

    It sure was an amazing night. Thanks for keeping it fun. I cant wait to see and hear the results.

  6. allen

    those 2 girls on the back row must be some of the prettiest humans on the planet-daddy says hi!

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