New Series New Challenges New Opportunities

crossaus-2.jpghat What an incredible weekend! The worship was phenomenal and the teaching fantastic.  We all realize to keep up the excellence factor things have to evolve and with that comes change.  We are currently restructuring the way we schedule our staff /volunteers for the weekend services.  Most of the details will be sent out in the coming week.  It is imperative that we create rhythm and consistency at every campus and every service.  This will be an exciting transition for us all.

Today in the Staff meeting Raul discussed the new series “Rational Lies” and some of the challenges we might face.  We need to remember that at Flamingo road Church, we LEAD.  As Pastor Garland put it, we will push the limits, but will not ever go outside scripture to get people’s attention and curiosity.  There might be people who say we are crazy. Maybe, but that is what brings them to our church and what will begin their walk with Christ.  Raul taught: as leaders, we need to remember “…to embody the values of the church throughout our lives.”  If we want to get people here we must be the example in every aspect of our lives.

Garage Sale is this weekend and this will be a big opportunity to change lives.  This will give people an opportunity to see what a great group of people make up the flamingo road family.  Here is your chance to reach out in a big way.

Easter is right around the corner and we will have our sunrise beach baptism again.  This was such an amazing experience last year…amazingly cold! No really, I was baptised last Easter on the beach it was awesome. We will have baptisms after every service at every campus.  Bring your box of tissues! This will be one for that TV commercial guy on the bench that does the emotional moments thing . 



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