“Every great journey begins with the 1st Step!”


That was a quote I heard last year in the funniest movie! Nevertheless, it STUCK with me as I contemplated going deeper with MAG and going into Ministry last summer.

Embarking in Ministry has been such a great journey & chapter in my life…it all began with that 1st step of Obedience…and following that nudge in my heart. Every weekend, every day, every second has been exhilarating & such a profound growth process, not to mention a HUGE honor to serve so closely to some pretty cool & amazzzzzing Leaders!!

What I didnt know was that God would be nudging my heart to embark on yet a new direction here at Flamingo in this new year.  I have accepted the challenge of recreating & Leading one of the Connection pieces here at Flamingo – Small Groups & dreaming for a new Connections Ministry.  And although difficult emotionally & relationally, I am passing on the baton to someone you guys will LOVE and meet very soon (TBA – to be announced) & God-sent =)

This was NOT an easy decision for me…I actually wrestled with it for some time, until the morning I finally said “not my will, but Your will be done” in which I finally felt a peace that could only be described as God.  I knew then, He would take care of the details…

So I am trusting fully in Him, in His continued direction and can only say that I will keep MAG in my heart as it ALL unfolds.  You are each wonderfully made and how awesome a privilege its been to be able to support & serve you guys as your Mag Coordinator these past 6 months.

PA, it has been an honor to be your right hand!   Ricky, Fuller, Heredes, V, the Garcia Brothers, SD & HP, its been such a privilege (&FUN)  to serve alongside each of you.  You guys became the brothers I never had.  I will miss SO MANY things!

But most of all I will CARRY forever those moments when right smack in the middle of a song on stage as the lights are going, the crowd is clapping, we would connect with the biggest smile as our passions for worship collided!  It was at that moment that I was on top of the world!!!

You each have my respect, love & admiration for more reasons than one.  In Pastor A’s words, “Rock Strong” and forever.

“Every great journey certainly begins with that 1st step”…I am so glad I took that 1st step as it brought me closer to you guys…and to my destiny”.

And besides, the Journey HAS JUST BEGUN!!!!!!!

Your forever Mag/BStg Volunteer – Lili



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2 responses to ““Every great journey begins with the 1st Step!”

  1. Pris

    I love you friend! You’re a great example of obedience and true pasion. I know God will use you in an amazing way in this new area. We’re honored to have served next to YOU!

  2. allen

    we think you’re pretty awesome too Lili. we will miss you. i look fwd to see you reaching your God-potential with this new ministry!

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