What are you asking for in 2008?

“Therefore I say to you…whatever things you ASK when you pray, believe that you RECEIVE them, and you will have them.”  Mark 11:24

 What are you praying for in 2008? Any new year resolutions you would like to share? Leave a post or comment!



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5 responses to “What are you asking for in 2008?

  1. Lilibeth Rivera

    Asking for help in being a better wife, mom, sister & friend. Asking for direction as we DREAM BIG for Flamingo! And asking for an i-phone!!?!

  2. Pris

    Asking for determination, wisdom and financial stability. Most important, for His will to be done in my life. A new car would be cool too 🙂

  3. Roman Maciag

    Asking for His wisdom and strength. Allow me to worship and praise Him more. To also stay healthy and my family stay safe and healthy.

  4. For us I would have to say health…

  5. allen

    asking God for more of South Florida to know Him-10k avrg would be cool. for mag to have an over abudance of players, tech, singers, stage, backstage, video, comm. etc.

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