Operation – Palm Tree Lights!

FRC needs your help to prepare for the upcoming Christmas services. Pastor Troy would like to draw as much attention to our  property as possible, so we can draw people here during the holiday services. There is a way in which you can help. Tomorrow, Monday December 17th. We would like to put lights on all the palm trees at FRC. There are 30 of them. If we can do this, it will enable us to leverage the rest week to grab the attention of people driving by our campus.

If you have any time tomorrow that you can assist in putting up the lights, your efforts will be greatly appreciated. This is not just a men’s event, this is a family event. Bring the wife, bring the kids, and hey bring a ladder. With your help, I am confident we can make this happen tomorrow.

If you can help at any time, please contact Art Menges @ 954-434-1500 ext.199 or Janet Menges @ 954-434-1500 ext. 204.

Serving Him where ever we can,

Dave Roberts




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