Its officially Christmas at Flamingo!


You only have to walk around this place for a few minutes to realize “CHRISTMAS IS HERE” and boy is it going to be “groovy”!

 We had my favorite Monday activity for the day (besides getting my Christopher ready for school) this morning….”Staff Prayer Meeting” and I just leave there ignited to sit among what has become my 2nd family and to hear ALL God is doing in our midst.

 We would here directly from Pastor Steve himself, our Peru Campus Pastor, on how they hosted a special celebration just this past weekend with the young girls from our orphanage in Peru (a ministry you support).

We would hear of the 100+ plus volunteers who came out to our new feeding ministry – The Table (Hallandale) and together fed over 300 lives! Go God!!

We would hear of the impact our Internet Campus continues to make in the so many lives getting to experience God through it as they walk through painful circumstances.

And finally, get to pray for one another as the journey unfolds…

Christmas is here guys! Hope you can be a part of it either on stage, backstage or behind the scenes. And if you hadnt heard….CHRISTMAS EXPRESS IS DECEMBER 8TH.

 We need lots more toys, trucks, blocks, barbies…to complete our “mall” feel for the many families this will bless.

Get involved anyway you can! Its our LOVE SIGN to the world!!



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