Who has influenced YOUR life?


Pastor Troy would start our last Team meeting with this very question…

 Of all the people, all the things in your life, when you look back, when you actually look in the mirror…

who has had the most impact in your life?

Maybe its a parent, a teacher, a Pastor, a friend.

He encouraged us to take a moment to reflect on that question…and take it a step above even that…take time to reach out to that someone by either a phone call, a visit, an email or warm note.

If that person has passed away….you may even want to reach out to their children or families. The power of influence is rewarding. You would bless their lives.

Again I pose the question….”who has influenced you? “

And more importantly….”Who are you influencing”?



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2 responses to “Who has influenced YOUR life?

  1. It’s funny when the person you least expect, asks you about your church or wants to come to Flamingo Road….I thank and pray for those who got me involved in christian music and church.. As in most it’s when you least expect it..

    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him” Romans 8:28

  2. Pris

    A person that God has used a lot to influence my life is my best friend Sandy. She’s someone that always has a word from God when I need it the most. I thank God for her life and for the great friendship we have.

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