“Being Still”


It has been a week of running 300 mph in this journey we call “Life“…as we prepare for the weekend, plan for Christmas, enjoy Familia, attend Team Meetings, absorb 1st Weds, prepare for the Wedding of the Year, thank our Heavenly Father, attend to the details, EVALUATIONS!?! make sure all bases are covered this weekend, oh yeah & EAT!!!

 I am out of breath just thinking about it =)

 But in the midst of it all…it was so great to stop, BE STILL, and enjoy some much needed Gal-time & fellowship for the “mommy-to-be” amongst us…HOLLY.

 Warm thanks to Michelle for your love in hosting us, special THANKS to the gals who took time to come out this past Sunday to celebrate HOLLY & BABY! And if you missed it…don’miss the opportunity to congratulate Holly and even “shower” her with your blessing!

 I love being a part of this church Family called FLAMINGO.

 Are you constantly running too? Take time to “be still”…its good for the soul.



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  1. Pris

    So sorry I missed it, but so glad you girls had fun. Can’t wait for the next hang out!

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