New Level Pics!

 By Cristian.

Hey guys, I wanted to share some pictures I took during our last “New Level Meeting” on September 12th this year.  I really like it when we all get together and celebrate as a team because we are usually doing worship at the different campuses like Cooper City, Sawgrass, Doral, Hallandale Beach, Lima and sometimes we don’t really know each other, maybe because we haven’t get scheduled together yet or because there’s a lot of new members we don’t know.  Let me tell you, I get encouraged when I see all the people involved in our team doing lights, sound, computers, back stage, playing instruments or singing. Its amazing how many talent God has given us here in Flamingo. I’m so glad to be part of the team.  Looking forward to see you  on the next Meeting!

Check out these pics,  Do you know who they are?





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3 responses to “New Level Pics!

  1. Lilibeth Rivera

    So very well said Sir Dreamer! Thanks for sharing the pics! So honored to be a part of you guys….my extended Fam. -L

  2. allen

    thanks for sharing these Cristian

  3. Pris

    Cool pics…thanks primo!

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