Reaching the world…one weekend at a time!

 By Lilibeth Rivera



It is so cool to see how God just continues to use this place we call Flamingo to reach His children…and ultimately the WORLD!!!

We come together as a Team every Monday morning to pray, to share & lift all that God did over the weekend. And as promised…I am being your eyes & ears as you guys are an extended part of our FRC Team.

This morning we would hear the incredible IMPACT God is having in the lives of our STUDENTS as yet again this weekend, we had over 500 young lives come & worship with us. The even cooler part of that is that through the Holy Spirit, through Worship & the Word & the incredibly talented Drama Team God is rising in the Youth, we had dozens of teens CHOOSE to trust Christ!!

Our Internet Campus had over 1500 unique IP addresses this weekend! That’s 1500 PLUS lives getting to worship with us from ALL over the GLOBE. Talk about GOD using the Internet for good. Channel 10 actually visited us at Doral this weekend as they are working on an Internet piece & how churches are effectively using this medium today. We will keep you posted…

Its just so cool to see what God is doing.

Had the privilege of leading worship with the Doral band this weekend and can I tell you – DORAL LOVES TO WORSHIP!

When I tell you even the guys in the sound/tech booth were jamming & raising their hands up in Praise! In the words of this little cute guy in my life, DJ Palacios, “My heart smiled”.

Be encouraged & uplifted. Know that we think of you guys as we plan & DREAM for the kingdom. Thanks for ALL you do!

Watch out world…here comes FLAMINGO ROAD CHURCH!!!


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