What are you Praying about this week?

by Lilibeth Rivera 

Praying Hands

“Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed…” James 5:16

Before the sun begins to make his entrance every morning, I like to take time to lift up my family & my extended family (you guys!).

Whether its a family member, a career decision, a relationship or even a pet…its so comforting to know that HE hears us. The Creator of this world, our Father God, the lover of our Souls, hears us!

What are you praying for today….this week? This is our blog, our way of staying connected as we ride this journey called “Life”.

Post your prayer requests so that we can lift one another up by either POSTING A COMMENT or sending us an email at lilibeth.rivera@flamingoroad.org

We love you guys!




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5 responses to “What are you Praying about this week?

  1. 1.) I have a cold that doesn’t seem to want to go away and I have to sing this weekend. (Don’t tell Allen)

    2.) Going through a tough time with school (details on mindofbert.com)

  2. I need more time..My schedule with work is tight and I have committments like church, family, gigs lessons, special projects oh and work.. I’m praying that it all falls into place. Did I mention I need more energy to do all this.. Adn I’m praying that the teachings and schedules at FRC all work out .. Dont worry Bert we’re there for you…

  3. Pris

    I need guidance, direction on what to do now after being laid-off at work. I want to make sure my next step is totally directed by God…since His purpose is my main desire.

  4. Janis

    I’m praying for all you guys, especially want to send a blog hug to Pris about your job. You are in my prayers. Love you all.
    I could use prayer about guidance for my work life. Very scattered hours, less freelance work coming in, etc.
    It is a privilege to know and serve with all of you.


  5. Willy

    This is so amazing and cool how we really can help each other just by praying for each other and being a real family….God bless you all and will be praying for you!
    I also have some request about my left knee that hurts so much sometimes, even though Allen makes fun of it!!!(Jk) And also even though there are difficulties on the way, for never giving up on God’s dream intalled for me.

    Thank you guys!


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