Amazzzing Weekend!

by Lilibeth Rivera

Happy Monday Guys! Thanks so much for all of you who served alongside of us yet again this past weekend. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Every Monday morning, we come together as a Staff to share some of the highlights from the weekend & I always walk away thinking…”if only our volunteers could hear this?!”

Well, I plan to be your EYES & EARS and share some of those highlights every Monday which just drive me personally to continue running after our Vision & Dreams!

Our Internet Campus hosted an amazzzzing 1686 lives! I am in awe of how many people connect & worship with us that way…GO GOD!!!

Our Spanish Service at Hallandale has experienced growth of their own! They had 134 folks worship with them which is also so AWESOME!

And all together, Flamingo busted the 8,200 mark this weekend in overall attendance!

God just continues to entrust these lives to us…and the coolest part guys…is that its only the beginning!!!

Lets continue to stay connected…

That God would choose YOU & me to be a part of what He is doing at Flamingo…is humbling and exciting ALL at once.

As Pastor H says…”THE BEST IS YET TO COME”

Love you guys!



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3 responses to “Amazzzing Weekend!

  1. Awesome!!! I’m so glad to be part of the FRC family. Thanks Lili, for keeping us posted.
    Have a great week MAG Team!!!!


  2. Sharon

    Great info Lili. It is so cool to have this blog to keep people involved. Please add my blog site to the list, Thanks.

  3. The best is yet to come ! FOR SURE !!

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