Spanish Worship!

By Cristian Garcia

God has been blessing us in a lot of different ways,
In Hallandale Beach Spanish we had a new record in attendance
134 People came to Worship with us!
PromissaWe also had Promissa singing
“Alto y Sublime” and
“Poquito a Poco”.
It sounded Great!
Priscilla, Milca and Cinthya,
thank you so much for blessing our lives with your ministry, you guys are awesome!

Rafael, Good job playing Bass!,
Dany, “Ay Bendito”, you are the man!
Joffre, Keep it up bro,
Jessica, you are so talented!
Carlos A, Andrea and Gaby, you guys are doing a great job

Cooper City Spanish was awesome!
We were Jamming, Jumping… Enjoying the worship!
Robert, I’m really proud of you man,
Pamela, you are awesome!, thanks for singing with us.
Willy, It’s always great having you singing on stage,
Angel, Manuel, I’m glad you guys are on board with us.
Juliana, good job! (Nice Haircut by the way)
Miguel Rocking on Bass! And Carlos on drums.

I’m honored to be doing ministry with you guys!



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2 responses to “Spanish Worship!

  1. Lilibeth Rivera

    sweeet post Cris! thanks for giving us a sneak peak to the rockin spanish service!! wow =) LOVE IT!

  2. It was so awesome to be there with all of you. Thanks for having us Primo!!!!

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