One of our very own on TV tonight at 9pm!

God has blessed us with some INCREDIBLE talent here at Flamingo!

And for some of you, your journey is just beginning…

Our very own Priscilla Matos & her Sisters, or as they refer to themselves…”Promissa” will be on a TV show called “Seguro que yes”, which airs tonight at 9:00 PM. They will have an interview and then will get to sing a song from their newly released CD.

The show is on a channel called America TV (Channel 41) and, since not all of you may have this channel, I have attached a link where you can watch it online. Go PROMISSA!

Go to:

and click on “Señal en vivo” (top right)

Has God open doors for you in some way…send me the details so that we can let the MAG Family know!



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5 responses to “One of our very own on TV tonight at 9pm!

  1. Thanks Guys…you rock!

    Much love…

  2. Thanks Guys! You’re awesome.

  3. Awesome! I’ll be watching!

  4. allen

    Gooooo Priscilla. One piece of advice from a seasoned veteran such as myself, whatever you do don’t mess up tonight! Just kidding! You guys are going to rock strong!

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