This Coming Weekend! (& October Birthdays anyone?)

Guys! Thanks so much for all your feedback & appreciation for our MAG BLOG!

 We want to be your eyes & ears at Flamingo…a way to keep us connected as we do LIFE, and a way to communicate the latest!

 This weekend is going to be AMAZING!!!! Pastor T has prepared an awesome message (yet again!) and you wont want to miss it…

 We have extended the MYNAKEDPASTOR series for 2 more weeks. Yes!

 God has been doing some cool stuff…just this past weekend, both Sawgrass & Doral busted the 300 mark, and together at all our campuses we went over the 8000 mark yet again. GO GOD!!

Lets remain connected, praying that HE continues to guide us & use all of our talents for His Purpose & Kingdom!

 And lastly, a shout out to some October Birthdays…Mo, this past Saturday, Oct.6th, Heredes & Miguel, this coming Saturday, Oct. 13th!

 Are you an October birthday? Post your birthday comment if so, so that we can send you a SHOUT OUT as well!!

 We love & appreciate you ALL =)   -L



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4 responses to “This Coming Weekend! (& October Birthdays anyone?)

  1. I would like the best mag team in the galaxy to know that my little, tiny, no-big-deal bday is SEPTEMBER 25–its still not too late to throw me a surprise bday party.

  2. Alfredo

    I heard the Small Groups will continue for 2 weeks, it will be awesome, I’m leading a group here in Lima Peru and is a great blessing.
    Blessings from Lima.

  3. Wagner Denker

    My birthday is October 24th. I’ll turn ??? it doesn’t really matter…LOL
    See you all on Saturday, the 13th!

  4. Jacque

    My Birthday was October 11th. It was great, as I got to spend it with the family that God blessed me with, up in Central Florida.

    Happy Birthday to all of us October-born, and Heather, too!!!

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